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Talkin’ Baseball: Analyzing the Cubs’ Trades


Jed Hoyer (left) and Theo Epstein (right) have been, by far, the most active executives on the trade market.

The City of Broad Shoulders’ Adam Levy and Josh Frydman team up for another COBS Podcast, dissecting the Cubs deadline deals, including the Matt Garza and Alfonso Soriano trades, and what other moves might be coming.



Welcome to the first ever City of Broad Shoulders podcast. During our debut, Josh Frydman and I broke down the Cubs and Sox top 2012 draft picks and also discussed the transition from high school and college to the pros. As you can see below, the first two links are dedicated to the Cubs, and the final link is dedicated to the White Sox. We will try to do podcasts whenever possible and will continue to improve as time goes on. Feel free to comment or reach out to us with any thoughts, questions, suggestions or additional insight. Enjoy.

MLB Draft Podcast Part 1 (Cubs Draft Breakdown)

MLB Draft Podcast Part 2 (Cubs Draft Breakdown)

MLB Draft Podcast Part 3 (White Sox Draft Breakdown)

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